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Listen to The Law is the Ultimate Profession – Interview from The Bold Sidebar

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Managing partner and Certified Trial Lawyer Of LePore & Luizzi, Joe LePore, has labored for more than 25 years in the law. From law school to present-day general litigation, Joe hasn’t wasted a day—gleaning as much industry expertise, lessons in litigation strategy, and general people knowledge as possible along the way, to make him the Certified Trail Attorney that now practices in Brick, NJ.

In this episode of The Bold Sidebar with Attorney Jeff Horn, “The Law is the Ultimate Profession”, Joe LePore sits down with friend and long-time colleague, Jeff Horn to discuss his career path, family, and philosophy on “putting the hours in” for something you care about. On a more granular level, he also specifies how his lessons and relationships along the way significantly contributed to the personalized, highly-accessible personal injury service he and his firm are able to provide to personal injury clients today.

Listen to The Law is the Ultimate Profession – My interview with Attorney Joseph Lepore from The Bold Sidebar here

Monmouth County Law

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Monmouth County Law

LePore & Luizzi is located near and serves the many communities in Monmouth County, NJ with civil and criminal legal services. Monmouth County is located in Central New Jersey and northern most part of the Jersey Shore, and is also a part of the Greater Metropolitan New York City area. Monmouth County is most well-known for its abundance of boating, fishing, and per capita wealth; and is adjacent to Ocean County where LePore & Luizzi is currently located in Brick, NJ.

About Monmouth County
The 2010 U.S. Census reported that an estimated 630,380 people live in the communities and townships of Monmouth County, and Monmouth County ranked 38th in the most wealthy communities in the United States in 2011. Of the most recent reported census, 55.5% of the population is married, and 32.6% of households have children under the age of 18 living in them. The median age is 41 years old, and is comprised of all ages in similar increments.

Monmouth County Legal Services
LePore & Luizzi Law Firm provides legal representation to the entire state of NJ , but many of our criminal and civil clients come from Monmouth County, NJ. Monmouth County itself is made up of the following townships: Aberdeen Township, Allenhurst, Allentown, Asbury Park, Atlantic Highlands, Avon by the Sea, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Brielle, Colts Neck Township, Deal, Eatontown, Englishtown, Fair Haven, Farmingdale, Freehold Borough, Freehold Township, Hazlet Township, Highlands, Holmdel Township, Howell Township, Interlaken, Keansburg, Keyport, Lake Como, Little Silver, Loch Arbour, Long Branch, Manalapan Township, Manasquan, Marlboro Township, Matawan, Middletown Township, Millstone Township, Monmouth Beach, Neptune City, Neptune Township, Ocean Township, Oceanport, Red Bank, Roosevelt, Rumson, Sea Bright, Sea Girt, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Township, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Tinton Falls, Union Beach, Upper Freehold Township, Wall Township, and West Long Branch. LePore & Luizzi is located in adjacent Ocean County, Brick Township, New Jersey.

Providing Legal Help to Monmouth County
LePore & Luizzi has served Monmouth County as a dedicated general litigation law firm for over 25 years with expert, qualified NJ lawyers dedicated to your legal success. Our Ocean County attorneys handle a wide range of New Jersey litigation cases to include: Monmouth County personal injury, workers compensation, family law, real estate, traffic violations, and municipal court. If you have an Monmouth County legal question or need a local NJ lawyer, please give us a call at our Brick, NJ law office at (732)920-5500. We can help.

What to Know About Getting a Divorce in NJ

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Ocean County Divorce 101

Divorce is never easy, and the more assets, typically, the more difficult the process. If you are considering getting a divorce in Ocean County, Monmouth County, or anywhere in New Jersey; there are some very basic, yet very valuable fundamentals to know about. Below, we offer our top nine:

1. The process will likely be long and unpredictable.
While there are instances that are cut and dry with mutual agreement over assets and custody in Ocean County divorces, they are few and far between. Time, emotions, and the people involved most often makes the divorce process expensive, emotional, and spun out over months, potentially years.

2. The more emotions involved, the more difficult it will be.
While it is obvious that the typical range of emotions from anger and denial to sorrow and loss will make the process of your New Jersey divorce more difficult; how much you allow yourself to exhibit these emotions in a legal setting, will determine how successful or unsuccessful you will be in the settlement.

3. Professional counseling is recommended.
Professional counseling, even a session or two, can help with considering your Ocean County or Monmouth divorce in weighing the pros and cons, but it can also, help in accepting and grieving the loss of the relationship, and being able to move on appropriately, and with more maturity (and less emotion) in court. Moreover, if a child or children are involved, counseling for them through this time is more than recommended.

4. Be prepared for dividing up all assets.
It is no surprise that whatever you as a couple acquired when together for however many years that you were married will be a focus of your divorce. It is valuable to start thinking at your belongings, your assets, and your children in a mutually respectful way before facing off in a court room. Thinking about how custody will best benefit your children, the alimony that should be allocated, and how the timeline for division of property should play out will also help, if planned out early on.

5. Divorce should be thought of as a business transaction.
While the marriage itself was likely founded upon love, its conclusion should be treated as a business transaction. This has been alluded to in previous points, but is a vital component in getting through a NJ divorce as amicably as possible. Consider your assets and custody in a what’s fair is fair light, instead of trying to take all you can from the person, because they hurt you.

6. Fault is not a factor in New Jersey.
Because New Jersey is a no-fault state for divorce, the courts will likely not care who was responsible for the divorce or separation, so marital misconduct or any other reasons stated in your Ocean County divorce case will most likely not help the verdict. Typically, proclaiming a fault will add cost, length, and more bitterness to a divorce case.

7. Do not represent yourself.
It is never, ever, a good idea to go the cheap way and represent yourself in an Ocean County divorce case. Lawyers will tell you this, of course, but so will judges and previous divorce claimants. For reputable divorce attorneys, there are no emotions involved; and they will give you the facts, the best advice, and represent you with your best interests and your goals in mind. Plus, though you may think you are saving by foregoing representation, you will always pay more in mediation.

8. There is divorce and then there are alternatives…
The traditional process of divorce in Ocean County, Monmouth County, and New Jersey is one route, and then there are two other alternatives, mediation and binding arbitration. These two alternatives are typically best suited to couples that are agreeable in the division of property and assets from the get-go.

9. Second thoughts are typical…
Know that if you are considering a divorce in New Jersey, but are unsure about whether you should, this is very common. Almost everyone has second thoughts. The process can be heartbreaking. What about the kids? Can’t it be fixed? All of these thoughts are very common, and the only way to determine whether your marriage is salvageable is to talk to a professional counselor and also a reputable Ocean County divorce attorney (or Monmouth as it may be).

LePore & Luizzi New Jersey law firm is committed to helping people just like you at all stages in the divorce process. We have the experience and success to help you through consultation, recommendation, mediation and litigation; as well as through NJ child custody. Call us or email us today for help with your Ocean County, Monmouth County, or NJ divorce.

Why You Need a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

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Why You Need a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

Think you can file a personal injury claim on your own and get the compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of wages that you deserve? Think again. The intricacies of personal injury law are such that one misstep could cost you your due personal injury compensation. You need a New Jersey personal injury lawyer.

Our personal injury attorneys, who currently work with Ocean County and Monmouth County personal injury claimants and are centered out of Brick, NJ, have the experience, accreditation, and New Jersey law expertise to get you compensation for the following:

1. Loss of Wages: did your personal injury cause you to miss work? Depending on where you work and what your employee handbook states, we can help you recoup any wages you lost due to your personal injury.

2. Medical Attention: Personal injury in New Jersey or anywhere for that matter, is often expensive and this high expense often begins with the cost of medical appointments, ambulance rides, medications, specialist visits, etc. Depending on whether you have insurance or how much insurance you have, you may have to pay out of pocket for your NJ personal injury. Our qualified personal injury attorneys help you find New Jersey medical professionals that are qualified to document your injury and treat, diagnose, and help prevent long-term injury from your accident’s personal injury.

3. Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering is defined as the physical and emotional consequences that result from the personal injury you sustained due to another’s negligence. Our personal injury attorneys are trained in helping you find just compensation for the trauma that your personal injury that has occurred.

Learn more about what our New Jersey personal injury attorneys can do to help you win your case, by calling (732)920-5500 for a free consultation!

New Jersey Personal Injury Law: The Legal Elements

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New Jersey Personal Injury Law: The Legal Elements

If you’ve incurred a personal injury in New Jersey, there is a lot more to know beyond just what kinds of injury incurred can be successfully claimed as a NJ personal injury and the definition of a NJ personal injury. Below, we offer a helpful primer on the most important legal elements of any personal injury case to help you in your understanding.

First Steps After a Personal Injury

These first steps should be taken by a victim of a personal injury as soon as possible after the injury has occurred. By having the most time-sensitive information in this and any other legal matter, you create the most substantial of legal proof to prove your case:

1. Document all facts, memory, stats of your personal injury.

2. Take photos and collect other physical evidence to serve as proof.

3. Gather prescription receipts, doctor visit records, etc.

4. Determine if there were/are witnesses and contact them.


How a Personal Injury Claim is Proven

Every part of the law has a certain amount of proof that must be determined in order for the deciding party to rule the case in the favor of defendant or claimant. In New Jersey personal injury law, the following must often be proven in order for the injured to win the case:

• Negligence of the party/parties caused an accident.

• This accident caused the personal injury in NJ.

• The NJ personal injury claim was filed within the state’s statute of limitations.

A New Jersey Personal Injury Claim Win

Compensation for a personal injury in New Jersey depends on a number of telling factors to include:

• Amount of medical bills, prescriptions, etc

• The severity of the injuries

• The age of the injured

• Pre-existing injuries of the injured

• Pain and suffering incurred

• The ability of the injured to work

• The ability of the injured to have a normal lifestyle

• The future medical prognosis of the injured.


Call one of our personal injury lawyers at LePore & Luizzi today to go over your personal injury case questions and determine your next steps toward personal injury compensation. We can help! Call us at (732)922-5500 for a free consultation today!

New Jersey Personal Injury Law: Overview

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New Jersey Personal Injury Law: Overview

A personal injury can happen anywhere and at any time, but depending on a number of factors, another party may be culpable for medical costs incurred, loss of wages from an employer, and/or your pain of suffering due to their negligence. Personal injury law is defined as causing “injury to an individual: an actionable injury to an individual person, whether involving physical contact or not and whether fatal or not, but causing pain, discomfort, or injury”.

Below, we offer the basics on NJ personal injury law to help those who may have been victims of personal injury. If you think you may have received a personal injury in NJ, give our New Jersey personal injury attorneys a call to discuss your case at (732)920-5500.

Types of NJ Personal Injury

There are many types of personal injury, and here is a list of the most common types of NJ personal injuries that occur:
• Slip and fall/Premises Liability
• Auto Accidents
• Product Liability
• Medical Malpractice
• Dog Bites/Animal Bites or Injury
• Construction Accidents
• Occupational Site Injuries
• Amusement Park Injuries
• Workplace Incident Injuries
• Wrongful Death
• Dram Shop Liability

New Personal Injury Law: The Next Steps

If you feel you have suffered a personal injury due to another person’s fault, the best next steps are to do the following:
• Document all information of the incident that caused the NJ personal injury possible.
• Collect all medical receipts of related doctors visits/prescriptions/etc.
• Call our NJ personal injury lawyers as soon as possible for a free consultation (every state has a statute of limitations on how long after a personal injury has occurred that a claim can be filed/compensated). Call us at (732)920-5500 today! We can help!

New Jersey Law

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New Jersey Law
Serving Ocean County, Monmouth County

Lepore & Luizzi is located in Brick, NJ and provides the most qualified, caring, results-oriented New Jersey legal help to not just Brick, but also to Ocean County, Monmouth County and all New Jersey clients requiring legal representation and/or consultation. The Garden State, New Jersey, is the 11th most populated state in the country, and bordered by New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Brick lawyers at Lepore & Luizzi is located in Ocean County, which the New Jersey government has entitled “The Shore Region” (one of six districts that make up the state of New Jersey.

About New Jersey
The state of New Jersey is the 11th most populated state in the country, with an estimated 8,864,590 number of residents for 2012 (estimated by U.S. Census) and second most wealthiest state in the county (2011 U.S. Census estimate).

New Jersey has been separated into six regions, to better organize the population and suit needs of tourism:

  • Gateway Region: Middlesex County, Union County, Essex County, Hudson County, Bergen County, and Passaic County.
  • Skylands Region: Sussex County, Morris County, Warren County, Hunterdon County, and Somerset County.
  • Shore Regions: Monmouth County and Ocean County (home to Lepore and Luizzi Law Firm in Brick, NJ).
  • Delaware River Region: Mercer County, Burlington County, Camden County, Glocester County, and Salem County.
  • Greater Atlantic City Region: Atlantic County.
  • Southern Shore Region: Cumberland County and Cape May County.

New Jersey Law: The Best Representation
Lepore & Luizzi Law Firm provides New Jersey lawyer representation to the entire state of NJ , with most clients coming from Ocean County and Monmouth County of the Shore Region. Every state has a slightly different legal system to obey, and no other New Jersey legal firm is better acquainted with New Jersey law, trial litigation, and what it takes to win your case in New Jersey, civil or criminal.

Providing Legal Help to Ocean County
Lepore and Luizzi have served New Jersey as a dedicated general litigation law firm for over 25 years with expert, qualified NJ lawyers dedicated to your legal success. Our attorneys handle a wide range of New Jersey litigation cases to include: personal injury in NJ, workers compensation, family law, real estate, traffic violations, and municipal court. If you have a New Jersey legal question or need a local NJ lawyer, please give us a call at our Brick, NJ law office at (732)920-5500. We can help.

Ocean County Law

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Ocean County Law

Lepore & Luizzi is located in Brick, Ocean County, NJ and provides civil/criminal legal services to the Ocean County, New Jersey community. Known for the Jersey Shore, bustling boardwalks, and oceanfront state parks; Ocean County is more than just a beach community.

About Ocean County
The 2010 U.S. Census reported that an estimated 576,567 people live in Ocean County, New Jersey with 221,111 households, and a population density of 917 people per square mile. 53% of Ocean County residents are married couples, and 27% of all households have children under 18 living with them. It is the largest county in New Jersey with a “total area of 915.40 square miles (628.78 square miles is land and 286.62 is water).

Lepore & Luizzi Law Firm provides New Jersey lawyer representation to the entire state of NJ , but most of our criminal and civil clients come from Ocean County, and nearby Monmouth County, Atlantic County, and Burlington County, NJ. Ocean County itself is made up of 32 NJ Townships and a number of unofficial townships within these 32 to include: Brick Township, Barnegat Light, Barnegat Township (Barnegat CDP, Ocean Acres), Bay Head, Beach Haven, Beachwood, Berkeley Township (Holiday City-Berkeley, Holiday City South, Holiday Heights, Silver Ridge), Eagleswood Township, Harvey Cedar, Island Heights, Jackson Township (Cassville, Vista Center), Lacey Township (Forked River, Lanoka Harbor), Lakehurst, Lakewood Township (Lakewood CDP, Leisure Village, Leisure Village East), Lavallette, Little Egg Harbor Township (Mystic Island), Long Beach Township (North Beach Haven), Manchester Township (Cedar Glen Lakes, Cedar Glen West, Crestwood Village, Leisure Knoll, Leisure Village West-Pine Lake Park, Pine Ridge at Crestwood), Mantoloking, Ocean Gate, Ocean Township (Wareham), Pine Beach, Plumsted Township (New Egypt), Point Pleasant, Point Pleasant Beach, Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, Ship Bottom, South Tom’s River, Stafford Township (Beach Haven West, Manahawkin, Ocean Acres), Surf City, Toms River Township (Dover Beaches North, Dover Beaches South), and Tuckterton. Lepore & Luizzi is located in Brick Township, New Jersey.

Providing Legal Help to Ocean County
Lepore and Luizzi has served Ocean County as a dedicated general litigation law firm for over 25 years with expert, qualified Ocean County NJ lawyers dedicated to your legal success. Our attorneys handle a wide range of New Jersey litigation cases to include: personal injury in Ocean County NJ, workers compensation, family law, real estate, traffic violations, and municipal court. If you have an Ocean County legal question or need a local NJ lawyer, please give us a call at our Brick, NJ law office at (732)920-5500. We can help.

Need an attorney closer to you? We are also your first choice for Monmouth County lawyer representation. Give us a call today!

Slip and Fall Injuries/Accidents in NJ: The Basics

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Slip and Fall Injuries: The Basics

What is a Slip and Fall Injury/Accident?
A slip and fall in New Jersey (or by any state definition) is a kind of personal injury claim that is characterized by one party becoming injured on the property of another party. A slip and fall can occur on a residential, commercial or government property. The party will slip or fall and injury him/herself on the other party’s property, and this kind of claim will fall under the category of law of “premises liability”. If liability can be proven, the owner of the premises in which the accident occurred will be legally liable for any damages (medical bills, wages lost, etc) of the party who slipped and fell.

Most Common Slip and Fall Factors
Slip and falls most often happen because of dangerous conditions on the Ocean County or Monmouth County property either inside or outside. The most common are:
• Poor lighting
• Torn carpeting
• Uneven flooring
• Unmarked wet floors
• Narrow stairs
• Potholes
• Slippery stairs, sidewalk, or outdoor areas due to rain/snow/sleet that should have been maintained.

Proving Slip and Fall Injury Negligence in New Jersey
Proving negligence in a slip and fall case on a property in Brick, Ocean County, Monmouth County or any other area in New Jersey is wholly dependent on proving that the property condition that caused the slip and fall was dangerous, and that the owner of said property knew about it, where the slip and fall party had no forewarning prior to the NJ slip and fall accident.

In order to prove that the property owner knew the condition of the property was dangerous, the following must be proven:
1. The property owner (or person responsible) “created the condition”.
2. The property owner (or person responsible) “knew about the dangerous condition and failed to fix it”.
3. The property owner (or person responsible) “should have noticed and fixed the dangerous condition due to the length of time it has existed”.

Slip and Fall Injuries: The Next Steps

Depending a number of factors in your New Jersey slip and fall accident, such as whether the incident occurred inside or out, on what kind of property, what part the victim played in the accident, and if the property was dangerous at the time of the accident and the person responsible knew about it will all determine the negligence and NJ slip and fall lawsuit outcome of your case. The best step to take after having the incident reported by the person responsible for the property in a formal report, is to contact a qualified slip and fall attorney in NJ who knows how to best approach the slip and fall case and proceed for damages, if applicable.

Our qualified slip and fall accident and personal injury lawyers at LePore & Luizzi in Brick, New Jersey, serving Ocean County, Monmouth County, and New Jersey State, can help. Learn more about our NJ slip and fall accident services and how we can help.

New Jersey Dog Bite Law: The Basics

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Dog/Animal Bite Injury Law: The Basics
Unfortunately, not all dogs and domestic animals are friendly, and this brings us to the topic of dog bites in NJ, and what to do after you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in the state of New Jersey. There is much to consider in the case of a NJ dog bite injury, to include: NJ state law on dog/animal bite culpability (as it varies from state to state), potential medical bills and lost wages incurred, as well determining the dog’s owners’ liability. Below, we discuss the basics of dog bite/animal bite injury to help Ocean County, Monmouth County, and state of New Jersey dog bite victims.

New Jersey Dog/Animal Bite Laws
Have you been bitten by a dog in NJ? In New Jersey, if a dog bite occurred and injury resulted-no matter the circumstances or owners’ knowledge of the dog’s temperament/tendencies-the owner is at fault. New Jersey is a strict liability state on dog bites, and the owner is required to pay for all compensation to the injured party. There are no variations that limit the dog owner’s liability or legal duty to pay all compensation to the dog bite victim. This said, based on type of animal and non-bite injury factors, these legal circumstances and compensation recovery might be affected. This is why contacting a legal professional skilled in NJ dog bite law is always important.

Dog Bites in New Jersey: The Next Steps
1. Seek medical attention/record of your dog bite injury.
2. Contact a NJ dog bite injury lawyer.

If you have been victim of a dog bite injury in Ocean County, Monmouth County, Brick, or anywhere in New Jersey, you deserve to get full compensation for your injury. Our NJ dog bite lawyers provide free consultations and can explain all you need to know about NJ dog bite law, and how to proceed. Find out more about our New Jersey dog bite legal services.