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What to Know About Getting a Divorce in NJ

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Ocean County Divorce 101

Divorce is never easy, and the more assets, typically, the more difficult the process. If you are considering getting a divorce in Ocean County, Monmouth County, or anywhere in New Jersey; there are some very basic, yet very valuable fundamentals to know about. Below, we offer our top nine:

1. The process will likely be long and unpredictable.
While there are instances that are cut and dry with mutual agreement over assets and custody in Ocean County divorces, they are few and far between. Time, emotions, and the people involved most often makes the divorce process expensive, emotional, and spun out over months, potentially years.

2. The more emotions involved, the more difficult it will be.
While it is obvious that the typical range of emotions from anger and denial to sorrow and loss will make the process of your New Jersey divorce more difficult; how much you allow yourself to exhibit these emotions in a legal setting, will determine how successful or unsuccessful you will be in the settlement.

3. Professional counseling is recommended.
Professional counseling, even a session or two, can help with considering your Ocean County or Monmouth divorce in weighing the pros and cons, but it can also, help in accepting and grieving the loss of the relationship, and being able to move on appropriately, and with more maturity (and less emotion) in court. Moreover, if a child or children are involved, counseling for them through this time is more than recommended.

4. Be prepared for dividing up all assets.
It is no surprise that whatever you as a couple acquired when together for however many years that you were married will be a focus of your divorce. It is valuable to start thinking at your belongings, your assets, and your children in a mutually respectful way before facing off in a court room. Thinking about how custody will best benefit your children, the alimony that should be allocated, and how the timeline for division of property should play out will also help, if planned out early on.

5. Divorce should be thought of as a business transaction.
While the marriage itself was likely founded upon love, its conclusion should be treated as a business transaction. This has been alluded to in previous points, but is a vital component in getting through a NJ divorce as amicably as possible. Consider your assets and custody in a what’s fair is fair light, instead of trying to take all you can from the person, because they hurt you.

6. Fault is not a factor in New Jersey.
Because New Jersey is a no-fault state for divorce, the courts will likely not care who was responsible for the divorce or separation, so marital misconduct or any other reasons stated in your Ocean County divorce case will most likely not help the verdict. Typically, proclaiming a fault will add cost, length, and more bitterness to a divorce case.

7. Do not represent yourself.
It is never, ever, a good idea to go the cheap way and represent yourself in an Ocean County divorce case. Lawyers will tell you this, of course, but so will judges and previous divorce claimants. For reputable divorce attorneys, there are no emotions involved; and they will give you the facts, the best advice, and represent you with your best interests and your goals in mind. Plus, though you may think you are saving by foregoing representation, you will always pay more in mediation.

8. There is divorce and then there are alternatives…
The traditional process of divorce in Ocean County, Monmouth County, and New Jersey is one route, and then there are two other alternatives, mediation and binding arbitration. These two alternatives are typically best suited to couples that are agreeable in the division of property and assets from the get-go.

9. Second thoughts are typical…
Know that if you are considering a divorce in New Jersey, but are unsure about whether you should, this is very common. Almost everyone has second thoughts. The process can be heartbreaking. What about the kids? Can’t it be fixed? All of these thoughts are very common, and the only way to determine whether your marriage is salvageable is to talk to a professional counselor and also a reputable Ocean County divorce attorney (or Monmouth as it may be).

LePore & Luizzi New Jersey law firm is committed to helping people just like you at all stages in the divorce process. We have the experience and success to help you through consultation, recommendation, mediation and litigation; as well as through NJ child custody. Call us or email us today for help with your Ocean County, Monmouth County, or NJ divorce.